About MBC

Murphy's Beard Care

I was tired of watching my husband spend countless, hard earned cash, on products that just wouldn't work for him. I spent 2 years working on and perfecting my recipe for beard balm. During this time, my dear husband patiently tested each of my mixtures until finally I got it right. Murphy's Beard Balm was born on January 30th, 2019. Oils were added shortly, with soap following soon after. We are still adding products and accessories, so stay tuned!


Where can you find MBB/MBC?

We started on Etsy! You also may have previously found us on Ebay or Cratejoy. We currently still offer our products and services on all of these sites.



Thank you for your support!

When you buy from Murphy's Beard Care, you're not only helping a small business grow, but you're also supporting a family and a dream.

Thank you!