How do I apply my balm or oil?

You may apply twice a day, preferably after you take a shower or wash your beard. Scrape out a small amount and rub between your palms. Run your fingers through your facial hair from the neck up, making sure to rub balm into the skin where your beard grows.


Will the balm or oil make my beard oily?

The balm and oil will make your beard shiny after application. Your beard will absorb the balm and oil shortly and will appear full with a light hold.


What is the difference between Signature and Lite Versions?

Signature simply means that the scent is full strength. The scent is long lasting throughout the day, and will occasionally linger into the night. If you or your loved one is sensitive to strong smells, we recommend getting a Lite version (half strength) or Unscented (may contain natural aromas). All of our products, except for our Beard Shower Bars, are available in Signature and Lite. Just simply request it by messaging me or adding it into the personalization area.


What scents do you currently offer?
  • Amber Heat
  • Barber Shop
  • Clean Trim
  • Dragon Slayer
  • Evergreen
  • Mountain Woods
  • Sparkling Citrus (available in oil only)
  • Sweet Rum
  • Tobacco Bay Leaf
  • Warm Sandalwood
  • Unscented (may have a feint aroma due to the ingredients used)
  • Amber Lavender (new)
  • Cedar Rum (new)
  • Cinnamon Sugar (new)
  • Espresso (new)
  • Orange Creme (new)
  • Scotch Whiskey (new)


  • Candy Cane
  • Gingerbread
  • Maple Pecan
  • Pumpkin Spice (new)
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte (new)
  • Vanilla Apple Cinnamon


What is your current best seller?

Our bestseller at the moment is Dragon Slayer! Give it a try!


What is a Beard Shower Bar?

Beard Shower Bars are Goat Milk Soap Bars made for your beard. Our bars are gentler on your growing beard than shampoo and conditioners sold in stores. Each bar is made with all natural and organic goat milk with a fresh, light scent to make you feel great all day long. Scents are limited at the moment, but requests can be made for certain scents.


Do you offer Gift Packaging Options?

Yes! We now offer gift packaging options that include a hand stamped box with our logo on it, filled with luxury wood excelsior for extra padding during shipment. Oil bottles are wrapped in a stamped canvas bag. You may choose this option at checkout when selecting "this is a gift". If you already ordered and you want to upgrade to a gift box, please message me before your order ships.


Allergy Warning: Tree Nut Oils

Allergy Warning: Natural tree nut oils and particles are used in our products. If you are allergic to them, please consult your doctor before using our products. These products are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and they have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.